About us

NewPay is a global digital currency payment platform based on blockchain technology. Committed to connecting digital currency with real life, providing users with one-stop digital financial services.
Our vision is to build a global currency for digital currency through blockchain technology, allowing digital currency to flow freely, allowing every user to freely use digital currency (including those who cannot get bank services), and let each Users share the shared benefits of digital finance and achieve a true shared economy.



NewPay established in Feb 2017 has years’ experience in financial core system, payment, consumer credit, including code and business, combined with the accumulation of technology in BTC, ETH, BTS and the products have been tested for more than half of year which is ready to launch. We are planning to start to internal testing in Nov 2017 and popularized in 2008. starting from the Southeast Asian market, mainly focusing on countries which include digital access in regulation, such as the Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Australia and so on. We will get connection with license financial institutions, so that more countries’ digital assets can get connection with Flat Money.

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