NewPay - A global digital currency payment
platform based on blockchain


NewPay Connect digital currency with real life to
provide users with one-stop digital financial

  • Money transfer and

    peer-to-peer transfer through mobile phone or email address NewPay can provide services for users without financial account.

  • Digital payment/

    Supporting multinational currency and digital currency, merchants/users can use QR codes and other methods to collect money, allowing your store to easily use bitcoin collections.

  • One-click purchase of
    digital currency

    No tedious programs, buy Bitcoins with one click. easy exchange between legal currency and digital currency.

Acceptance network

Through the built-in acceptance network of the NewPay platform, users can withdraw all types of digital assets in their accounts,and convert digital currency into legal currency in countries under the legal currency acceptance network.

  • NewPay builds a global decentralized acceptance network to seamlessly connect digital currency and legal currency.
  • NewPay set up the role of the acceptor and built a reward model to quickly build a global acceptance network. The acceptance network is built into the wallet and automatically matches the acceptors to make the assets can be freely circulated.
  • Since the accepted digital currency or legal currency, 100% of the digital assets are mortgaged in the public chain to make it risk free.
  • If you have bitcoin or legal currency and want to get more income? Join our acceptance network as an acceptance merchant.

Distributed Application DAPP Access

DAPP decentralizes application embedding, expands NewPay's service system, brings you a broader application scenario, and enjoys the convenience of various distributed applications.

The NewPay platform provides portal services for DAPPs and establishes DAPP access protocols. Build a richer and open platform.

Digital financial products

Due to the increase in the popularity of digital currency, various financial products based on digital currencies will surely thrive, including ICO projects, ICO funds, mutual assistance loans, and mutual assistance insurance.

NewPay platform will accesses diversified digital financial products and provides NewPay users with multiple investment options.


Newpay wallet and

Spending bitcioin with newpay card in the daily life.

Corporate with visa and supports 29 million VISA merchants worldwide.

Get rebate in every single transation.

As user can lock and unlock the card through the App. This makes the Newpay card more secure than the traditional debit card.

Cooperative partner